Is Body Contouring Permanent

Is Body Contouring Permanent?

It isn’t very pleasant. Even though you’ve been working out frequently and eating healthily, you still can’t seem to lose that last bit of stubborn fat. You might be interested in body contouring treatments targeting and eliminating fat cells as an alternative to open surgery.

Some of these techniques include freezing fat cells, while others use ultrasound or radiofrequency energy to heat fat tissue. Your stomach, love handles, thighs, and upper arms are all targets for these devices.

How safe are they, though? Is it safe to assume that these adjustments are permanent? Approximately how long before I begin to notice progress? Continue reading the blog to get your answers. 

What is Body Contouring?

The existence of fat cells in the human body is restricted. Having them is fundamental to who we are as human beings. Instead of being replaced, our existing fat cells enlarge as we acquire weight. Dropping a few pounds causes the fat cells all over your body to get smaller.

A body contouring procedure is used to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas. There is no natural way to rebuild fat cells once lost. This is it; the last of them is gone for good. By focusing on the regions of fat that have been the most difficult to shift with diet and exercise, you can “sculpt” your body to look exactly how you want it to.

The risks and benefits are reasonable, even though a few patients may feel mild discomfort. In addition, there is often no downtime associated with specific treatments. It is essential to know your medical background before discussing treatment options with your doctor. People with a healthy body mass index get the most out of anybody’s sculpting product (between 18.5 and 24.9). 

Since fat cells are eliminated permanently during body shaping procedures, the results are permanent. However, fat can still return—if you allow it. 

How Do Body Contouring Treatments Work?

All these methods do the same thing—they eliminate stubborn pockets of fat by directly attacking them, and the lymphatic system takes care of the rest.

Here are the specifics of how each body contouring method works:

Heat-Based Treatment: The device’s laser light destroys the structure of fat cells, and the body eliminates them. The device’s flat applicator makes it less than optimal for application on rounded skin areas. Heat therapy is particularly effective at reducing fat in the thighs and stomach.

Radiofrequency Energy: A radiofrequency device applies heat to the body to eliminate fat cells. Drinking adequate water before getting these therapies is crucial, as being dehydrated limits their efficacy because the treatment cannot reach the water in the cells. You may feel warm and cozy when this is happening. For this method, there is no downtime at all.

Cold-Based Treatment: These treatments use cold temperatures that harm fat cells but not the skin. Skin is suctioned in small sections, and the area is chilled for a set time to eliminate excess fat cells. The therapy is effective for various problem regions, including the chin, arms, stomach, love handles, and thighs. Most patients can use it without worry. On the other hand, people with Raynaud’s syndrome or another vascular disorder that makes them vulnerable to cold temperatures should not use this therapy.

Ultrasound Energy: Fat is liquefied using ultrasonic energy. It’s the longest of the four choices in terms of time commitment, with each session lasting well over an hour. You won’t be hooked to any machines; a professional will manually control the device. Mechanical vibration breaks down fat so it can be flushed away. It’s completely painless and will affect your stomach.

How To Maintain Body Contouring Results Permanently

If you want your body contouring effects to persist, it’s vital to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. The following tips can help:

  • Engage in frequent physical activity
  • Avoid skipping meals at all costs.
  • Try eating multiple smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Take in a lot of fluids to keep from drying out
  • Eat a healthful, low-calorie meal centered on proteins and healthy carbs

Keeping a weekly or monthly weight log and monitoring your progress will help you keep your weight where it needs to be. If your weight has been gradually growing, or if it has climbed by more than five percent in the preceding month, you may want to evaluate your eating habits more closely. Cream and sugar in your coffee, a beverage after work, and a couple of donuts from the break room can all add up to many hidden calories.

If you’re worried about gaining weight but can’t pinpoint the source, keeping a food diary may help. If you want to keep your existing body profile, you’ll need to embrace the reality that you’re gaining weight. Then, before things get worse, you need to take measures to bring your weight down again.

If Weight Gains Happen

If you gain even a small amount of weight, say five pounds, your fat cells will increase very slightly. Your body contouring outcomes will be visible even after weight gain since the treated areas will have fewer fat cells and expand slower.

New fat cells may form everywhere, including the areas from which they were previously excised, if the patient gains much weight. However, because new fat cell creation normally happens uniformly across the body, it is feasible that less fat will build up in the treated sections compared to the untreated parts. As a result, even if a patient gains weight following body sculpting, they are likely to look better than they would have without therapy.

The results of these treatments are sometimes misunderstood as being permanent because of the irreversible nature of fat and skin removal. On the other hand, putting on weight after treatment may slow your recovery. In many cases, patients are given the option to have additional treatments to repair the damage and maintain the desired aesthetic results. Having a plan to maintain the outcomes of your body shaping therapy will boost your confidence before starting treatment. The cost of ongoing body sculpting treatments may be prohibitive for some.


Suppose you cannot shift where your genes tell you to store fat. You don’t have to put up with adamant fat pockets, though. By employing body contouring, you can swiftly, painlessly, and permanently get rid of stubborn fat deposits and finally have the body shape you want. There is no downtime, and very little rehabilitation is one of the best elements of this form of treatment.

If you feel like a body contouring treatment would benefit you, don’t wait to get in touch with NU-U Medspa to schedule your initial appointment.