Weight Loss

We offer a compounded version of Semaglutide and Trizepitide for patients that are not approved for name brand medications. These are virtually identical to the name brands that tend to be on back order or too expensive for out-of-pocket payments. Each month you will increase the dose of your medication and our providers will guide you through your weight loss journey. 

Each new weight loss patient will receive one complimentary skin tightening treatment to be used anytime during the course of treatment.

Add Ons

Skinny Shot:

Skinny Shot: Owusu will determine if you are eligible for the weight-loss medication Semaglutide or Tirzepitide.


Semaglutide is the ingredient used to promote healthy weight loss in popular medications like Wegovy and Ozempic. Semaglutide works by increasing insulin levels in your body, which decreases your blood sugar levels. In turn, reducing the amount of sugar released into your blood


Tirzepatide also known as Mounjaro, was originally made to treat type 2 Diabetes. However, it has recently become approved for weight-loss for patients who meet the BMI criteria. The medication works by targeting two hormones: GLP-1, a hormone released from your digestive tract that helps lower blood sugar and promotes a feeling of fullness. Along with diet and exercise both medications can lead to significant weight-loss. And an average of 15% to 20% of your body weight (34-48 pounds). 

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