What Are The Venus Bliss Fat Reduction Treatment?

Each of us wants to get in better condition for our unique reasons. To appear better in your clothes, feel more confident in your body, or lose weight quickly for an upcoming occasion, non-surgical fat removal may be an excellent alternative. Both men and women use non-surgical fat reduction to eliminate excess fat and cellulite. Comfortable, effective, and non-invasive, Venus Bliss can aid in fat loss while leaving you with firmer, more elevated skin. 

So, does Venus Bliss genuinely work against persistent fat, or is it just a bunch of hype? If you want to learn more about Venus Bliss, this post is for you.

What Is Venus Bliss?

Do you struggle to lose those last few extra pounds despite your best efforts at dieting and working out? Is a more toned physique something you covet? A liposuction is an option that could have crossed your mind. If you’re looking for a solution to your condition, it’s one of the more well-known aesthetic and cosmetic operations. But liposuction is a major surgery that requires a long recovery time and comes with hazards. This is where Venus Bliss comes into play.

In place of invasive liposuction, you can try Venus Bliss. Tightening the skin, melting away fat, and shaping the physique are all possible with this non-invasive office procedure.

The aesthetic device developed by Venus Concept, a pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics technology, is known by its trademark, Venus Bliss. This technology is among the best on the market when it comes to non-invasive fat loss, cellulite removal, and skin tightening and firming.

Venus Concept’s diode laser and (MP)2 technology, both of which have been approved by the FDA, are at the heart of Venus Bliss. The combination of these two technologies results in more toned and lifted skin and more efficient lipolysis (fat cell death).

The most remarkable aspect of Venus Bliss is that it produces exceptional outcomes with no surgical intervention, no agonizing recovery, and zero downtime.

How It Works

Venus Bliss uses diode laser technology in the lipolysis equipment to facilitate fat treatments. Up to four applicators apply energy to the abdomen and flanks, where the fat is heated and broken down.

Additional skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments are available with the Venus Concept Bliss device, which employ a patented energy system to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers—critical elements in the reinforcement of connective tissue that prevents sagging skin and cellulite.

Results from a clinical trial of Venus BlissTM were so positive that 75% of participants said they would recommend the treatment to a friend.


  • The Venus BlissTM machine and the diode laser fat reduction treatment were reported to be comfortable by as many as 90% of trial participants.
  • The technologies utilized by Venus BlissTM have been clinically tested and shown to be safe and effective for all skin tones.
  • The treatment requires no downtime, so you can return to your daily schedule unhindered. 

The (MP)2 applicator, exclusive to Venus Bliss, also uses a patented mix of multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). As a result, cellulite is diminished, and the body is contoured more evenly. Collagen and elastin are proteins that aid in skin firmness and elasticity, and this technique encourages the body to make more of them.

The therapy also uses varipulse suction technology, which significantly enhances lymphatic drainage, allowing you to experience benefits as soon as possible.

(MP)2 Technology

(MP)Two technology is a potent mix of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. Using this technique, the machine may stimulate lipolysis in a non-invasive manner.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) stimulate subcutaneous fat and skin using relatively weak electromagnetic field energies. This aids in the disruption of fat cells, ultimately reducing them. Deeper layers of the skin receive RF radiation from a multi-polar device. This aids in achieving therapeutic concentrations in the area of interest. Heat has the dual benefit of loosening fatty tissue while making skin more elastic.

Varipulse Technology

Venus Concept machines also have the innovative VariPulse technology. The VariPulse technology integrated with the applicators allows for their optimized design. These pulsating suctions result from this function’s alternate positive and negative air pressure. Suction strength is variable, allowing for individualized care.

Blood flow and lymphatic drainage are only two areas that have benefited from VariPulse technology. This component further improves the natural lipolysis benefits of (MP)2 technology. Patients will feel more at ease using the applicator because it is light and maneuverable.

It’s essential to remember that Venus Bliss isn’t a solution for losing weight. It is recommended that those who are overweight or obese (have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above) lose weight generally before attempting localized fat reduction with Venus Bliss.


The Venus Bliss apparatus has two components: a hand-held device that emits radiofrequency, PEMF, and Varipulse suction technology, and panels that emit diode laser technology.

The panels are first installed over the affected region. The aesthetician may employ up to four panels securely fastened to your body during your treatment. Your desired degree of comfort and the size of the area to be treated will be considered before the panels are activated to release the appropriate amount of energy.

The panel applicators are applied coldly, but they warm up quickly. As the heat rises, the applicators automatically adjust to a cooler setting. This aids in regulating the skin’s fatty layer’s temperature. The ability to alternate between cooling and heating helps maintain comfort.

Approximately 25 minutes before administering the (MP)2 technology applicator, a cooling and warming cycle will be performed.

A hand-held device is used to apply the RF and PEMF technology to the skin, and it is swished in circular motions over the treatment area. This component of the procedure takes 5-10 minutes and is painless.


Venus Bliss is an excellent solution for many when it comes to fat loss without the associated pain and downtime. We’d be happy to give you a consultation to see if Venus Bliss is perfect for you. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, our aestheticians will gladly address any concerns about non-invasive cosmetic procedures and help you determine which options might be best for you. If you haven’t visited NU-U Medspa yet, we look forward to having you as a client. Contact us today!